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  2. Release Your Inspiration in Red Stone Forest

    from:Zhangjiajie News Network writer:Chen Lifang Read:


    Holding a brush, you might not have an inspiration to paint up a new world as Leonardo or Van Gogh. Yet, Red Stone Forest, which is a billion years of legend, is worth to view and read. This heavenly place owns more than beauty for you to motivate your inspiration of painting and writing. Pick up your brush, and walk into Red Stone Forest! Tian, Di and Ren Chi tell you their ancient stories deposited in each water drop; Ordovician Seabed passes you archaic natural messages contained in every rock; Qi Cai Mi Gong explains earth’s fantastic creations hidden in each stone stair or rock door. All sceneries you see here keep singing holy songs passing through whole space time like wonderful angels.

    In this otherworldly place, every spot can wake your soul up; each step can shake your mind up. After all brainstorms Red Stone Forest gives you, can you stop your painting brush?

    As you find out, there are no fresher elements of urban forest can be painted on your paper, but Red Stone Forest is widely different. Titan Garden, Stone Soldier, and Stone Sword, how could you miss all of these incredible sceneries? Divine Tortoise Exploring the Sea, Brown Bear Greeting, and Otter looking up into the cloud are extremely lively.
    These beauties will be the new fresh visual impacts to make you pick up your brush to paint, and make you take out your camera to record.

    Red Stone Forest expresses natural feelings. After day and night turning, and sun and rain rising and falling, nature is becoming a magician. Countless stone crags turn their color from maroon to fuchsia while rain is coming. Natural picks up her brush, and change the color of Red Stone Forest in just a flash. As a witness of a natural landscape painting, don’t you feel that you should freeze this wonder in perpetuity?

    Bring your brush, take your camera! Then come to Gu Zhang Red Stone Forest! Free your soul, release your inspiration!

    (Writer: Chen Lifang)


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