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    2020-09-07 23:16:15  來源:掌上張家界  作者:  閱讀: 張家界日報社微信


      Gather Talents of the world to build Zhangjiajie


      Setting-in allowance, purchase (rent) allowance, monthly living allowances…We would do anything to recruit talents. If you come with a team, you can get another 3 million RMB!




      What’s really happening in there?

      Zhangjiajie city has got some big plans afoot—recruiting talents from both home and abroad.



      Apart from the three thousand wondrous peaks and eight hundred elegant waters that the Creator endowed, Zhangjiajie is also home to idyllic scenery, well-preserved folk traditions and stilts buildings with distinctive ethnic flavor. Zhangjiajie is crowned with six golden titles. It is the first National Forest Park, and one of first World Natural Heritages and World Geoparks in China. It is reputed as a National Civilized Scenic Area, and one of the first to be accredited as China’s 5A tourist attractions. It is also the place where “Zhangjiajie Landscape” is named after.

      If you want want to work and live in such wonderful place, now must be the best time.

      此次《張家界市人才引進實施辦法》的出臺,不唯職稱、不唯學歷、只要你是實戰能力強的實用型人才,都是吸納的重點對象。為順應實施鄉村振興、“對標提質 旅游強市”戰略,文旅人才成為此次引進的新亮點,同時我們也歡迎更多張家界本土外出人才回鄉創新創業。

      The municipal government has rolled out its Measures on Talents Recruitment in Zhangjiajie, which puts professional ranks and educational background aside,just aim to attract applied talents with strong technical skills. Besides, in line with the strategy to “enhance tourist service by benchmarking the city against first-rate tourist destinations and develop the city through tourism”, the city will prioritize the introduction of cultural and tourist talents.


      The new policy has extended the scope of talents recruitment to include undergraduates from first-tier universities in China or renowned universities overseas. With widened scope and simpler process, the city government gives more say to employers. 



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